Monday, November 07, 2005

New Timetable At last

Ok, its a little late - but i promise you its worth it - i have had loads of ideas fluttering around and wanted to get it all happening with a bit of revamp and a work over. You can find the schedule HERE - i hope you like the changes
A few new things - Friday night Frenzy - will include the end of the week glass of bubbles if you feel the desire to join us - and to help with the concentration after the glass of wine we will have done the hardwork for you - we will supply a sketch club layout for you to follow - the only thing you will have to decide on is the pictures, papers and embellishments to suit - all with some help of course.
Wednesdays - during the day you will now find our Free Sketch Club - bring your lunch come have a chat and complete the Sketch layout - the hard work is done for you, the design will be hanging in store. - this wednesdays sketch is the turning 12 layout from my post last friday.

Thursdays are now coffee and cropping club days - get your club card punched and every 4th one is FREE. Bring your gear and i will get the capuccino machine pumping and even try to fit in some weekly baking.

With Fiona Carter teaching at our Retreat in February we thought we would tease you into coming with a couple of classes before the event so check out December's Christmas Blitz Class with Fiona and watch out for January's Year in Review Layout too!

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