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{Design Family - Spotlight - Debra Winney}

Debra Winney
When did you start scrapbooking? How were you introduced to it?
I have always had a passion for photography and I am a great believer of journaling. When my daughter and son were born, I intended to journal them a letter every week expressing my love, and highlight how proud I was on their achievements through the years. I wanted it noted those quirky things that kids do and say, so I could always remember them. Of course, no children are angels all the time, I wanted to remember all the naughty things they got up to, but life goes so fast that I never got around to it.

When I heard about scrapbooking in 2004, I thought it was perfect for me, as the photos bring up so many memories, great memories, happy memories and those naughty memories. Photos with journaling are perfect. I went to the Craft Show at Rosehill in August 2004, someone
advised me on that day not to do scrapbooking as you spend lots of money on product and you become addicted……..HELP they were right….I truly love scrapbooking.

What are your sources for inspiration?
Life. Life is beautiful, I am not saying it is easy but it is truly beautiful and inspirational. The birth and growth of my children into young adults is truly inspirational. Planting a garden, I love watching the trees grow, providing us with shade, giving birds shelter…. truly inspirational. Flowers in summer, autumn, winter, spring watching their buds blossom into a beautiful vision. Mother nature is truly inspirational.

Travelling . Learning about other cultures, history of cities that go way back in time. Architecture, which can be breathtaking. This is truly inspirational. And of course, last but not least, Love. Love of family, love of friends, love of my dog Monty and that special love of your partner …..unbelievably inspirational. All this inspires me to scrapbook.

How do you get started on projects (layouts, etc)?
I choose the photos. I look at the colours in the photos and select papers that will compliment the photos and set a mood, a feel. I sometimes sketch a layout and sometimes I just design as I go.

What things do you like to communicate through your work?
Feelings - anger, humour, love, sadness. I would like my layouts to tell a story of the person, the place, the time and a little about me. I would also like new scrappers to understand that you don’t need to have the most beautiful photos to have the most successful layout. That you can have badly shot photos, with the right papers, journaling and embellishments, the layout will have soul and tell a great story.

What has been your biggest achievements or greatest layouts or moments with this hobby?
Becoming part of the Design Team for Forever Always, this is a huge achievement for me. I have met the most amazing women since I have taken up scrapbooking. This is an achievement in it’s own right. We have a lot in common ….we are women, we are mothers, sisters, daughters, aunties, grandmothers, friends we are of all generations, and we love to scrapbook.

What kind of goals do you have with scrapbooking?
I would love for some of my layouts to be published. I would also love to have a career in scrapbooking, the thought of promoting and the selling scrapbook products around Australia or working on a magazine, researching new products and techniques…would be dream jobs. Working in a scrapbooking business, assisting other scrappers on the choice of paper, introducing new techniques etc….this too would be a dream job

Where do you scrap? Do you attend crops or conventions?
I am soooo fortunate. I have just moved house and I have my own scrapbooking room…..yes I know I am very lucky I count my blessings everyday. I have two windows allowing natural light and great airflow. Looking out onto two different gardens, with my own choice of music, playing in the background doing something I love…I am in heaven. I will have to be a little bit more organised though as I haven’t yet found place for everything.

I crop with woman that I have met through scrapbooking. What wonderful women they are….inspirational, intelligent, funny, creative and passionate about their scrapbooking. No I have not attended any conventions although would love to. Never enough scrapbooking for me I say.

Where does scrapbooking fit into your life? Do you scrap in the morning, evening, late night? When do you do your greatest work?
Whenever time allows me, I scrap. I sometimes have to show self control and stop, as I forget about time, about preparing dinner for the family, taking the dog for a walk, and so on.
I feel my greatest work is done when I am left alone. I call it – in the zone. It’s like mediating, my breathing is relaxed, I am at peace with myself, the music is playing…. I am in the zone. No-one yelling, where’s dinner? where’s this and that? Hey Deb have you go my car keys?

What does your family think of your scrapbooking?
My daughter Kate 18 and my son Nathan 14, always asks if I have finished a new layout. They love to see the story that unfold on a layout and this opens memories and discussion for them of the time the photos was taken. They do sometimes complain about the time it consumes as it takes the focus of them….teenagers its all about me. They sometimes complain about the product that I have accumulated and now they are really complaining that I have my own scrapbooking room, but most of the time they are supportive. My husband, it is hard to say, he has a black and white personality. Creativeness is not his thing. I suppose, I could say, that he is supportive as I am not asking him to do anything around the house when I am scrapbooking….ha ha ha.

Do you have a favourite product line, paper, sticker, or cardstock colour?

Oh my goodness….I am addicted scrapbooking… I love nearly everything. I love Heidi Swapp’s products. My main weakness, is collecting letters ie stickers, rub ons, poxy letters, fonts wooden letters to emboss, big letters, little letters, chipboard letters, letter stamps, monogram letters…..I know I have a problem.
Debra's project to come.

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