Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Web work

Hi ladies - just letting you know we have been working hard on our stock take and a few more boxes have been unpacked - you will notice some new items in most catagories soon - as we have been putting the stock from the shop into the catagories where it belongs not in the whats new.

Lots of Bargains have been going into the Clearance link as well - lots of one of items here. So don't forget to check it out and pick yourself up a bargain.

We have had some deliveries yesterday and today -

VersaCraft - ink cubes - 24 colours -very bright and colourful little inkpads that will work on just about anything - including fabric.
they are in the **New** Arrivals This Month - March 2006 along with the following new product.

7 Gypsies
97% Stickers - Documents (Documentation begings with D)
Librarie Rubbings Fortunes - Disclaimer Rubbings & The Story Rubbings
Lettres Portobello Rubbings are just perfect for those that are not so comfortable with the handwriting - as they are handwriting size if not smaller.

And as seen on Ali's Edwards blog post - Studio Friday : Black & White as per requests we have had - we got them in. - yeah we hear you shouting -

7 Gypsies Librarie Rolled Stickers - Fill in the Blank

7Gypsies Librarie Rolled Stickers - Its a Date

Karen Foster - Rub on word - Beautiful

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