Thursday, July 13, 2006

opened our Retreat to overnight visitors

We have just
opened our Retreat to overnight visitors
The Overnight package includes-
* Saturday nights Accommodation.
Starting at 10am Saturday cropping non-stop till 2pm on the Sunday.
* Cropping room space! imagine not having to pack away.
* The ability to browse the Forever Always Shop child free and with no time restraints.
* Two Instructional Workshops with Kim Archer
* Plenty of goodies and giveaways all weekends.
* Help on request from the Forever Always Design Team.
* Join the Photography Composition workshop by Fiona Burgess
* All food - from Saturdays Lunch thru till lunch on Sunday; and that includes the m&ms.
For more information or to book your space visit our online store or call Sonia 0414 982 774

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