Monday, October 16, 2006

back to it

Some of you may already know or have noticed our lack of activity online. I would like to appologise for this and explain why. My Mother-in-law has recently passed away and with all the organising and my grief i have not been coping too well.
I was very close to my Mother-in-law as we have shared a home for the passed 15 years with the last couple me having to look after a lot more, due to her parkinsons disease, and this was one of the smaller reasons we actually closed the shop in dee why as i was not coping with everything that was happening in my life, which in turn was not having a good effect on my health.
As much as we kind of new the end was getting closer in the last month, i don't think anything ever prepares you for the loss of somebody so close. I miss her every day. I do hope you all are well, and that you don't think i have forgotten you. I am trying my hardest to get back on top of things, with the begining being some new stock that unfortunately has been sitting in its box since it arrived 2 weeks ago.
so here we go whats new.
Urban border rubons
Paisley border rubons
undressed chipboard elements
undressed chipboard numbers
undressed chipboard mini monograms
magnetic buckles round
magnetic tie back square
gypsy ribbon
lilykate ribbon
and perhaps its time to go shopping with all thats new tempting my huge inbox from Memory Trends.

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