Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Welcome to FA's Chat Extravaganza Competition !
The rules are easy...chat, chat, and chat some more !And for doing just that, you could win some great prizes !
The major prize - for the person who makes the most posts during the competition - is a $50 voucher to spend at FA !Thank you Sonia for a most generous prize... wish I could win it !
The minor prizes - for winners of various random challenges and games during the competiton - are $5 FA Vouchers, RAKS and FA Stars !
The competition is on now, and runs, until midnight 20th November, so you have one whole month to chat yourself silly !
To enter:Simply add your name to the list and your current post count.You can enter at any time.The winner will be determined by who has progressed the furthest in their post count during the competition.All posts must be legitimate posts and not spam.
See the official competition thread, for all news, announcements, challenges and awarding of prizes etc, associated with the competition.
Keep your eyes open for random Chat Spot Specials, Chat Challenges, Chat Scrap Challenges and Chat Games in addition to all of our regular chat !These will give you even more opportunities to improve your post counts !
Explanations of these, can be found in the forum.

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