Sunday, January 18, 2009

Colour Combo Challenges – Greens Galore
Green is life and renewal, and what better colours to kick start the New Year, than Green’s Galore. Green is a restful colour. Because of the all the green in nature this colour is also related to spring. Green helps with balance, harmony and stability. Several shades of green will give you a very fresh layout, but if you move towards olive it can also have a more subdued effect, and works well with more military still pages. Green associations, traffic lights, The Green Room, a green thumb, money, greener pastures, green-eyed monster, green with envy, feeling green. Colours of green – emerald, sea green, sea foam, olive, pea green, grass green, apple, mint, forest, lawn, lime spring, leaf, fir, Kelly, pine, moss, jade, sage, sap, viridian.
Credits: Inspirational Colour Combo Photo taken from
This month our colour combo challenge is to scrap with Green’s galore, show us your green…you may enhance with black and white. The winning layout will win a Green Inspiration Pack.

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