Tuesday, July 07, 2009


It has been brought to our attention, that some of you have been using our wonderful Sketches to complete challenges on other challenge sites and forums. We do find this an amazing compliment that you love our creations, But however we do feel that credit is due at the same time. The Design Team Girls and Myself work very hard on coming up with some fantastic creations to help inspire you....this is after all our ultimate Goal but please make us happy by sharing what is rightfully ours to own and give us the appropriate credit dues.
All sketch designs on this Blog/Gallery/Forum are created for inspiration. We are of course very happy to share our designs with you all, and we hope that we will inspire you to create something just as beautiful. If you do happen to create an amazing work of art using our Sketches as inspiration please share it with us in our GALLERY, if you choose to display this anywhere else please seek PERMISSION beforehand and remember to state clearly your intention of use. If permission has been granted to use the work, PLEASE remember to give Credit to the original Artist & link back to the original Forever Always image/sketch. Thankyou in advance for complying with our Copyright request.

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