Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mother's Day Inspiration.

Well I have been creating to love new product to inspire you oh and of course an awesome occasion.

New Item for the Forever Always Store - perfect on layouts...are my new Handmade for you flowers - these can be glued or stitched onto any project - and can be custom made to suit your project - just name the colour and it will be done These little beauties measure approx 2 inches each and are $4.95 for a card of two. If you want them as hair clips they are just too cute and will cost you $6.95 for two.And of course I had to show them off on a layout - this is my creation for the Screen2Scrap Blog Challenge The challenge was to be inspired by the film Fried Green Tomatoes, with added Criteria if we scrapped an important woman in your life...who can be more important than my Mum and My Daughter - my inspirations.!!! Also had to include a green title, Yep got that one, and Green and Red as the feature colours yep and yep....and then the killer include a tomato on the page....well it's there - can you spot wally the tomato {it's a transparency} that's the clue and it even has some green leaves still on it too. But it is there.... Lot's of Forever Always new Jenni Bowlin stock new stock to inspire you.
That close up of the NEW style flowers to...OK so back to the Mother's Day inspiration......
Amie and I were on the same wave length today with some shares for Mother's are Amie's gorgeous cards....there is just something about mother's day and flowers don't you think.

When it came to my creation, I am so inlove with my Sonia's Originals flowers and I listened big time to the oh wow, I would love one of those in red when Mum's was checking out my new Etsy stock the other it was straight to the machine to whip her one up and then I need a card to give and the why not compile the two in one, yes there is another gift...but well got to keep some things secret from snoops.
So we have the card....all pretty on it's own...but when I add one of my 3D Flower Brooches it's just decide..Here is a close up on my clustering...yep more Jenni Bowlin love....those pins, oh and that all women button...just screams MUM to me...

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Flowers said...

Such a wonderful set! I love this card, too - so cheery. I need to get busy!


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