Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HANDMADE ornaments swap

Announcing!! Announcing!! Announcing!!

The Forever Always 2010 Christmas Ornament Swap!

Well, I was just chatting to Amie Taylor, and we were both saying how we were going to miss out Ornament Swap this year, I have run one for a few years now in our Forum but without the Forum this year we won't have a place to organise I just said I will do it on my blog, but I am going to limit it to 10 - and we both laughed well if we don't get 10 at least we will both get one from each other.

So without thinking about it I stopped chatting with Amie in Facebook and jumped over here to post before i chickened who wants to join us for the Forever Always Christmas Ornament 2010 Swap!!!! I am so excited about this.!!!!!

Okay down to details

  • Each Swapper is to make one or more Christmas Ornaments per swapees (is that such a word)
  •  The ornaments can be made out of any media {fabric, paper, stitchery, mixed media, etc, in any style you choose} They just need to be as special as you can make them. Ornaments YOU would want to display.
  • Each swapper sends their ornaments to me, with a self addressed padded envelope for your return package. Once I've gotten everyone's ornaments~on or before November 20th~I will mail the same number out to each participant as they sent in. Make sure you sign or put tags on each one of your ornaments so the other swapees (there is that word again) can send you a note of thanks. Please make sure you have ample postage on the return envelope to cover the return shipping.
Please put this image on your blog with a clickable link back to this post, and spread the word. The more, the merrier!
I will also put a gallery of ornament photos up as I recieve we can all be inspired, by the parade of ornaments.
Signups by the 29th October 2010
Ornaments to me by 20th November 2010
Ornaments mailed off by me to swapees (yep that word again) by the 27th November - so hopefully they will be recieved in time for putting up of trees by the 1st December....fingers crossed aussie post is delivering well. International swappers not sure how postage will go for you, but you can only hope it will arrive before christmas.
To signup, email me at
Your name:
Your email address:
Your mailing address, including country:
Your blog address, flickr, picture trail, etsy shoppe, anywhere that shows what sorts of things you make:
Your requested colour combo - if your like me and are colour phobic about your decorations...LOL - note the picture I am lime and blue this year!!!!
I think that's everything. Let the fun begin!  Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas Tree.....fa la la la la

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