Sunday, June 24, 2012

Retreat #16 May Retreat Recap

I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to do a recap on what was an amazing weekend away. But as most of you know my Brother in Law has been very ill for the passed 2 years with terminal cancer, and on the weekend of the retreat he had been in the palliative care unit in Camden for 9 days already. I didn't head home on the Sunday like the rest of you, I headed off to the hospital and ended up staying with my Mum and Dad in Appin to help support my Sister during this very hard time. 
My BIL actually passed away on the Tuesday night after retreat and his Funeral was the following Monday. So I have been a little busy with family and dealing with all things related as well as issues with my personal health that I have been neglected.

But that's not what this post is about - its about how awesome a time we all had on retreat in our new venue TEEN RANCH.  

I am really sad that I was not focused enough to snap more pictures but what we have definitely shares the fun and excitement that was had. Here is a share of what I do have or managed to nab from others....don't we always wish we had more photos.!!

Shame that we were all facing the sun, so squinting eyes have the focus in this one, but well we had to be in front of the Teen Ranch Sign, perfect.....

You all know that I love the little i had fun creating lots of little details just for the ladies.... from tiny fabric bunting, to parcels tied up with string....oh just a few of my favourite things.
The ladies were all over the moon with their little gifts, filled with all the little things that just made the retreat perfect. 

Our Friday night began the weekend with a wonderful little glass of bubbles and quick and easy make n take that suited everyone from paper crafter to the fabric crafters...

Lots of amazing comments were made that there was heaps of space, not just at the large oval tables but amongst them, so yes the crafting bags were not tripped over.
The little shop space, was filled with lots of shopping enticements, and the outdoors was just so inviting even in the crisp morning, especially when the hot air balloons passed over us.

 Classes were awe inspiring, creative and in a very relaxed environment, the ladies were all keen to try something new.

 Of course there was lots of creating, be it scrapping or stitching or even some knitting, and our resident male Ross was definitely the belle of the ball from his rocking that sewing machine and dancing down the room to his amazing quilt, many of us were very envious. We really did have such a great time!!!!

The feedback was not without it's negatives but hey if they are all fixable then really there not that negative, toilet paper, soap hand towels, lighting, heating - all easily fixed. The Positives, it's these that make me feel 
so privileged to host these retreats! I truly feel that each one of my guests are great friends as well. Thanks to all of you for making it so much fun! I really can't wait to see you all again at the next one!!!

The next one!! Yes as I suspected this venue will prove to be wonderful, so for those of you that are really keen to come again, short notice, but it's the 27 – 29 July 2012 the price will be the same at $195. Please contact me ASAP with your interest as we need to reach our target minimum of 25 for the Venue to be happy. Please help me confirm the venue and book in ASAP - Listing is growing but I wish to hit at least the 20 mark by Friday 29th of June to confirm with the venue that I am pushing to reach our quota.

Make sure you message/email me to be added to the invite list on facebook, to keep up to date with all the happenings.

Please print out this flyer and share with your will be open for bookings by the end of the weekend.

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