Monday, March 18, 2013

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Naturalight LED clip-on light

Finally, I have solved the retreat lack of light without a power source.... this Ultra light clip-on hobby lamp, is Unique Naturalight™ LED. It is Battery operated, ideal for traveling, so perfect for retreats. It attaches to frames, hoops & books and even sits flat on your craft mat directing the light just were needed with its easily adjustable 7 "neck. It runs on 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries

Naturalight lamps last up to 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs and produce a full spectrum light that reduces glare and eyestrain making close-up tasks like reading, writing, sewing and general colour selection for your layouts much easier. 

I have played with this and just love how it conveniently attaches to my stitching hoop and also my night time reading book, and I just love that I can scrap anywhere with no power and have the perfect light source. Its flexible arm allows it to be adjusted into the ideal position to provide the light you need. 

Busyfingers' 10" Rotating Cutting Mat (PINK)

This is one of those items that transfers from fabric to paper really well, as the cutting mat rotates 360-Degree to easily trim all 4 sides of a mat without repositioning paper/fabric. Which means its much safer when handling either the rotary cutter or scalpel and no more awkward angle cuts, just rotate the mat to make cutting easy. I LOVE IT. 

I had been debating buying this mat, as I really wanted one that rotated when trimming, and after doing my research at craft fairs and on the Internet  This is the one for has made my cutting life easier on both paper and fabric. Especially for the Hexi quilt I am working on at the moment. 

Busyfingers Milliners Needles - Size 9 (pack of 10)

Busyfingers Milliners/straw needles. These are beautiful to use, for turned appliqué and hand piecing. They are long and fine. Perfect for everyone but especially if you suffer from arthritis , carpal tunnel or just have long fingernails.
Because they are long there is no need to grip them tightly therefore eliminating any pain in your hand that you may experience.
Gutermann Hand Quilting Thread - Ecru Col928

Gutermann Hand Quilting Thread is a 40 weight 3-ply natural Cotton Thread but strong with a silk-like lustre for those who prefer to sew with natural fibres  Gutermann Hand Quilting Thread is glazed to make hand sewing easier. 100% Natural Cotton Hand Quilting Mercerised Thread.

All these items and more are available in the store on this link

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