Saturday, November 26, 2005

{Forever Always - Official Adoption is complete.}

After much voting and discussions between customers, Brian and myself,
we have finally selected our Design Team Family Members.

A huge congratulation to all Applicants, the standard of works submitted was fantastic. But we only have room for 6 new family members at this time.

so with out further ado I would like to congratulate and introduce

our new Family Team

Kylene Hickey
Gabby C
Debra Winney
Natalie Love
Michelle Sturrock
Michelle Winston

and to the girls, Ange and Jodii, from our exiting design team we have decided to have an extended family list - so once you make the design team -
you will forever be apart of our FAMILY, always.


Mrs Adept said...

Congratulations to your new team members.

Will we get to see some of their work on this blog?

Sonia said...

Deborah, yes eventually we will get the girls to put work here and in the gallery - also product reviews and the like.

Ange Zav said...

Congrats to all the new design team!!! :) Looking forward to seeing everyones work!

Ange Zavitsanos
(sunning it in Queensland with bad internet connection!!! :))

Sonia said...

Ange - do you have to rub it in - we have it raining on and off down here in unsure sydney -


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