Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Boxes arriving today - delivery man loves me again.

first one in the door - dimensional magic is back in stock

second box - XYRON

Tape runners and refills are back in and they have come in at a new lower price which we have passed on to you - also in this delivery is the refills for the create a sticker machines 150 and 150 also magnet tape (perfect for those christmas cards or invites)

next parcel is latest issue ofCreating Keepsakes December 2005 Australian issue (some nice chrissy ideas in this one)

Ok restocking of blitzen - can't keep this stuff on the shelves, also more of the Cropper hopper embellishment organisers as well as the mini clear square containers to go in them. and more value packs vertical storage.

New goodies - sorry no pics as blogger is doing it too me again - must be these late night posts

Fontwerks - Marshmellow Rub-ons in black and white theses are sweet - small letters measuring approximately 5mm high.

Lil davis chip art - dates 2000-2005

Pebbles Inc - Market tags - Sassy Girl and All boy


Mrs Adept said...

I love the xyron, and so do my boys. We've got quite a lot of good use out of ours.

Sonia said...

deborah, I know that when i show them in a class everyone oohs over them - i think they are fantastic. LOVE MINE


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