Monday, November 21, 2005

Where has the time gone - random thoughts

ok this week i have been head down and bum up and you know what - i still don't feel like i have achieved a great deal ...I will try and keep up with this blog - but somedays i am just plum tuckered out to even attempt a decent sentence on this thing. (although i am sure that even when i do manage it, i am sure the sentences are not to decent).

WOW what a response to the ribbons post - why is it we cannot resist a beautiful piece of ribbon - some of the purchases i know have been just because - but hey sometimes that's how it ends up in the shop in the first place - you just gotta love shopping.

Deliveries this past week have been mainly restocking a few new bits - but again i am chasing my tail on that one. - hope to catch up tonight and tomorrow (there goes the day off).

"Christmas - its beginning to look a bit like Christmas - "
my gardenia is in full bloom - this is my first notion
of Christmas that i love - i really love that fragrance that you can smell in
the early evening ...mmmmm ... That's my beginning to feel like Christmas feeling
... I have some in a vase here by the counter and i even had comments from
customers today as they walked in (after tackling the sidewalk reconstruction -
yes they are still paving)..." gee it smells nice in here what is that smell -
my reply is freshly brewing coffee and gardenias - the beginning to feel like
Christmas smells"
We have been working on the Christmas decorations in the store (can you guess what colour theme we are working on this year)and getting organized for the Christmas gift giving classes -
Check out these wonderful baubles by basicgrey - we have even made our own smaller versions of these too - how cute.

After being totally inspired by Jennifer I have purchased these kaiser kits (placemat pack) I have made these wonderful extra decorations for our tree (coasters with holes drilled using my her embosser) and the larger ones (placemats looks good hanging in the window but my intention was to have them sit on the table with a candle on for christmas parties)

Tonight's cards class has some vacancies - kirsty has had fun with the blitzen range of papers from Basicgrey. Class is $25 and begins at 7.30pm if you are free and want to join us we will be here between now and the class - to take bookings. - oops a little late for this one - damn blogger image loading on dial up its a bit slow
12 hour crop has been rebooked for this Saturday - so get in now to catchup on the photos before you are snowed under with all that you take thru this silly season. We still have loads of space - so call me and book in. -9971 0050
Menu choices - please email or phone your dinner choice through.
  • Steak Sandwich with Chunky Fries
  • Supreme Nachos Beef or Vegetarian
  • Gourmet Pizza Tandoori Chicken with Mint Yoghurt
  • Gourmet Pizza Vegetarian with Sun-dried Tomato and Olives
  • Traditional or Chicken Caesar
  • Greek Style Salad with marinated pork fillet
  • Salt and Sezchuan Pepper Squid with coriander salad & dipping sauce
  • Seafood Marinara Tagliatelle
  • Chicken or Veal Schnitzel Parmigiana with fresh garden salad & chips
  • Sundried Tomato and Pesto Agnolotti with a dijon mushroom cream sauce
  • Roast Chicken & Sage Tortellini with a creamy Bosciaola sauce
  • Butter Chicken
  • Seafood Marinara Tagliatelle

Fiona Carter has done her samples for her Class next month as well totally inspired we all are by the Basicgrey blitzen papers - here is a bit of a peek at what you can make in Fiona's Class on the 14th December - bookings open now.


Mrs Adept said...

You know I would LOVE to come to a class but I'm just too far away. :)

Sonia said...

Deborah, well maybe its time to plan a holiday and come play at our retreat in February.

Mrs Adept said...

I've already booked up a seminar thingy mayjingy for January that me and the family are going to. Not for scrapbooking but anyway.

So unfortunately, no aeroplane holidays for me for a while. If I win the lottery I'll fly over. :)


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