Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons galore

I don't know what it is about ribbons the i love - but i just can't get enough - and i know a few of you out there that are the same. (yes i am talking to you - ANGE)

check out these babies - this is only the first installment from this order - so more will be coming. (smiles)


Mrs Adept said...

I've had a bit of a ribbon thing happening lately too. :o-)

Also, I've added a link from my blog to yours so I can check in regularly to see what is new.

Sonia said...

Hi deborah - its hard not to have a ribbon thing when there are so many nice ribbons out there.

Ange Zav said...

Hey! Not fair I haven't bought any ribbon since you sent me my last order! I have been good! I have it under control!!!! Now when are you going to send me this lot! :D


Sonia said...

hmmm under control - well of that i am not sure - but like any addiction that needs breaking - lol i will have to send it out slowly too wean you off.
LOL - let me know what you want ange and i will send I promise (Cheeky grin)


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