Friday, December 23, 2005

OK - Sad and Happy

Well we closed the doors yesterday possibly for the last time in Dee Why - although we hope to open for another flash sale in the first week of January - if all goes well with the construction over christmas of the NEW Forever Always Studio - here is the staked out plot

- we will be busy relocating some of my plants and of course the clothes line which has had so little use in the past 2 3/4years - (although my drier has had a work out) - this is going to be one of my happier things - funny how the mundane washing is even looking good to me - or perhaps it is the cuppa i will have in the back yard hanging the washing out (although i am not sure where yet as we will have to move the line) - but out in the sun has to be better than washing in the wee hours of the morning and bunging it in the drier before going to bed.

As most of you know the online store is open all holidays - we will have a couple of delayed postage days - but they are the ones when you will be too busy with family and friends to be shopping as well besides the days that the post office is closed - i have had the new delivery of Basic Grey, Tim Holtz and the Yummy Comstock - can't wait to play with these - they will go up online once the shopping is done and wrapped later today perhaps. if not - the kids have banned me to do any work till the 27th of December after today.

From all my family we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

and thankyou for sharing your family memories with us this year, we look forward to more exciting adventures and creativity in 2006

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