Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Design Family - Spotlight - Michelle Winston

Introducing a new feature over the next few days i will be interviewing our new Design Team and you will get to see an insight into them an their scrapping habits and and styles.
Michelle Winston

When did you start scrapbooking? How were you introduced to it?

I was first introduced to traditional scrapbooking at a Creative Memories party, at a girlfriends house, in 1988/9.
In the early 90's, another friend introduced me to Digi-scrapping, using Microsoft Picture It. I did this for a long time, but went back to serious traditional scrapbooking in 2003, after attending a class, at a local scrapbook store.

What are your sources for inspiration?

My son Jacob, my family, my friends and their children, the children I teach, and my treasure trove of "family tree" photographs.

How do you get started on projects (layouts, etc)?

I print my photos first, and look for any "themes" or particular colours. I then choose papers, card and embellishments to match. I will often sketch how I want the layout to look, and do a lot of "placement" and "rearranging" before adhering.

What things do you like to communicate through your work?

I would hope that my family tree pages show how much research and effort has gone into discovering my "roots", and that all of my other pages, show how much I love my friends and family. I also aim to give each work a "feel", for example, a page about Jacob's birthday would hopefully give a sense of enjoyment, excitement and happiness.

What have been your biggest achievements or greatest layouts or moments withthis hobby?

My biggest achievements to date with scrapbooking would be: being selected as a Forever Always Design Team member, and being the "official" photographer for events at school (which I then scrap). My greatest layout to date would be "Mini & Bob...the Dog", which I entered in a competition. It didn't win, but I was really proud of that page.

What kind of goals do you have with your scrapbooking?

Obviously to document my family tree as thoroughly as possible, to keep scrapping the life of my gorgeous little boy, and hopefully one day, be published in a magazine or even.....on an elite team or something. Hey - you've got to have a dream !

Where do you scrap? Do you attend crops or conventions?

I scrap in my laundry ! I know it sounds weird, but my laundry (or utility room), is very large and I have a lovely corner area, where I have a big workspace, shelves and a desk. My computer is in a separate office, but we're working on that. I occassionally get to crops, but have yet to attend a convention. They do sound like lots of fun though !

Where does scrapbooking fit into your life? Do you scrap in the morning,evening, late night? When do you do your greatest work?

Late night scrapper probably describes me best, however, I do get a fair bit done during the school holidays. Being a Gemini, I am my own worst enemy when it comes to the question "Am I happy with this page ?", and I often have, at least three or four projects running at the same time, with another half a dozen on a "TO DO" list in my head. So I am impulsive, and my greatest work comes when I am really "into" a layout or idea...and this could happen at anytime !

What does your family think of your scrapbooking?

My family are very supportive of my scrapbooking, though my husband would probably prefer me to digi-scrap - "less mess" he says ! My aunt Narelle is probably one of my biggest "fans", as she too is a bit crafty, and the kids at school really love it when I take in my albums to show.

Do you have a favourite product line, paper, sticker, or cardstock colour?

I don't think I can say I have any one favourite, though most of my layouts tend to be in either blue tones (for Jacob) or heritage colours (for family tree). Things I absolutely adore though are: 12mm double sided tape; my Making Memories Distressing Kit - particularly the inks; and alphabets - of any size, colour or material !!!

Each Design Family Member was given this kit the week before christmas - this is what they were given

TAG TECHNIQUES -The gypsies are never in one place for long, but they enjoy the comforts of home as much as anyone. A vintage button and an old door knob from a favorite dresser become the foundation for this book of old shipping tags. Materials included: Small tag book, door knob,rubbings, elastic, key, 97% complete tag and printed paper.

- here is what michelle has created with it

"Trim the Tree". I have included pics of my son decorating our christmas tree - v.cute if I do say so myself !

Materials List:

7 Gypsies - Naked Gypsy Wire O-Album; Open Book Knob; Rubbings - Frottis Floral; Paper - Cirque Quad
3 Gold discs; gold key; elastic tie; Artlover scrapbook rub-ons - SB100E; Handmade Craft Stickers - Christmas;
Making Memories distressing inks; assorted ribbon from stash; Fonts - own hand, but I'm sure it's called something.
Photos printed on celecast gloss photo paper in sepia.

These and other designs by Michelle and the rest of the Team will now all be seen in our GALLERY

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