Friday, December 30, 2005

{Restocking and New Stock for Holiday Inspiration} + Edit

Back in Stock
at our new cheaper online price as we will endeavour to bring our prices down, our New Years resolution is to make you a happier shopper

Well after a very long wait we have back in stock (only a small supply) of the Making Memories Philadelphia (upper and lower in one pack) Stamps as well as the very popular Floral/Dingbat Set - be quick as i know the demand for these has been high.

3L Scrapbook Adhesives Click n Stick after being out of stock for the passed month we have it back in abundance.

BASICGREY - BLITZEN - complete range back in stock - find it in the what's new for January- with its popularity in the making of Christmas Cards - its sure to make fantastic Christmas Pages - like this one i did for our Santa Photo Shoot


7 Gypsies

97%complete FLASHCARDS -words

3 Key Set - Antique Gold

Antique Brass Key available in singular quantity

97% Complete Family Stickers

97% Complete Boys Stickers

Editing to add more whats New

Basicgrey - Undressed Range of Goodies




BASICTOOL - Notch and Die Cutting Tool

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