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{Design Family - Spotlight - Kylene Hickey}

Design Family - Spotlight - Kylene Hickey

When did you start scrapbooking? How were you introduced to it?
I was first introduced to scrapbooking in September 2003 after attending a friend’s Creative Memories party. I was instantly attracted to the concept of preserving my photos and memories, however I felt there had to be more than just the stickers, cutting and pasting that they offered. Then I found Forever Always and haven’t stopped scrapping since!

What are your sources of inspiration?
Many things inspire me – from designs on clothing, to various advertising materials – however my main inspiration comes from knowing that I am creating a lasting legacy for my family.

How do you get started on projects (layouts, etc)?
This depends on my mood at the time. Sometimes my starting point will be a photo or message I want to convey, other times it might be papers or a particular style or technique I want to try.
I will always draw a rough design sketch for a layout first, then gather all supplies (paper, cardstock, embellishments, tools) that I might need. As I work on the layouts I will shuffle and experiment many times before I complete it, and it usually differs from my original design.

What things do you like to communicate through your work?
Through my scrapbooking I would like to think that my family will realize how much I love them. And that they will remember, appreciate and understand, not only the happy times, but also those times that might be more difficult.

What have been your biggest achievements or greatest layouts or moments with this hobby?
What kind of goals do you have with your scrapbooking?
My greatest achievement with scrapbooking is seeing the delight in my families’ eyes when they look through our albums, and the excitement of my kids when we scrap together and helping them to create their own masterpieces.
For 2005 I set myself 10 Scrapbook Goals, and I am happy to say that, yes, I achieved all of them. One of which was to have a layout published, and I actually had 4 layouts accepted for publication. I hope to continue to grow with this craft, and look forward to challenging myself further. One goal for 2006 will be to try digital scrapping, another will be to complete a photography course.

Where do you scrap? Do you attend crops or conventions?
Since moving to QLD 6 months ago I have only attended 1 crop night at our local store, The Scrap Heap, but I hope to change this next year and get back to a regular scrapping routine. All of my scrapping is done at home (even when I do attend crop nights, which is mainly for the social aspect!), either at my kitchen bench or on the lounge room floor. You will usually find a few “works in progress” on my dining table, waiting for me to shuffle elements around as I walk past until I am satisfied with the overall look.

Where does scrapping fit into your life? Do you scrap in the morning, evening , late night? When do you do your greatest work?
While I am still waiting to do my “greatest work”, and being a total addict, scrapbooking is often on my mind – whether I am flicking through magazines, taking photos or just going about the normal daily routines, inspiration may strike at any time. I would love to say that I devote a better part of the 2 days Regan and Kaleah are at kindy to creating, but in reality that never happens, so I still scrap a couple of nights a week after they go to bed.

What does your family think of your scrapbooking?
They love to see my completed layouts and are very supportive of my need for time to create. Although I know my husband Scott has no idea of how much money I actually spend! He does however keep hinting that I should do our wedding album. (Little does he know that this is in progress as a surprise present for our next anniversary.) My mum will often give me a stack of photos to complete mini albums, the latest being Santa photos of the grandkids over the years.

Do you have a favourite product line, paper, sticker, or cardstock colour?
A tough one – whilst there is definitely no one particular favourite, at the moment I am a bit partial to rub-on’s, ribbons, ink and co-ordinated patterned papers, with Bazzill cardstock a must, and Basic Grey papers getting a good work out.

Each Design Family Member was given this kit the week before christmas - this is what they were given

TAG TECHNIQUES -The gypsies are never in one place for long, but they enjoy the comforts of home as much as anyone. A vintage button and an old door knob from a favorite dresser become the foundation for this book of old shipping tags. Materials included: Small tag book, door knob,rubbings, elastic, key, 97% complete tag and printed paper.

- here is what Kylene has begun creating with her kit - the remainder will be uploaded to the gallery shortly - after kylene gets back from a surprise holiday her hubby has organised for her for her 40th Birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLENE

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