Saturday, December 31, 2005

{Happy New Year - and more NEW STUFF}

This will be the last post for the 2005 Year -
I am excited to be heading into the New Year with many new plans - the foremost being a healthy person.

Many of you wouldn't believe me if i told you that although i have over 10,000 items to stocktake and pack away and 3 years of shop clutter to sort out - i am actually feeling less stressed and almost looking forward to next weeks chores. I am also looking forward to my goal of more pleasure scrapping - not that class work wasn't fun but it was pressured - I have just printed off some photos (yes Ange my docking printer works from the computer its only taken me 12 months to work that one out.) So after i finish uploading the remaining 2 boxes of stock up - i will then go and play and do my last layout for the year - (and hopefully if i believe in my mums superstition (what you do on the last day and the first day of the each year is what you will be doing all year (hence no washing is allowed - this is mums rule) - i will scrapbook all year-achieving one of my New Years Resolution of getting more scrapbooking done for fun.

So - here is my champagne glass toast to you all
and start humming the Auld Lang Syne tune - its on the countdown for the day.

without further gossiping here is the new stuff for you to start planning those new year pages.

Jewels - tiny flowers Clear, Pink and Icee
Jewels - large flowers Clear, Pink and Icee
- flat pinz
- mini platez - dull brass
- wire pinz
- long bradz
- photo anchorz
- paper clipz
- True 12 x 12 Albums - 3 Ring Binder style
available to be ordered in a huge range of colours
-comstock collection
- Fairytale Collection
- petite four

- pinwheel

- trellis

- mary mary
-chipboard aplphabets
- Garden Path Collection
- sage
- marigold
- cornflower
- buttercup
- chipboard alphabets

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