Wednesday, January 04, 2006

{Design Family - Spotlight - Gab C}

Gab C

When did you start scrapbooking? How were you introduced to it?
I started about 18 months ago and have been at it on and off between having children. A friend opened a store from home and I went along to the opening, then a crop and was hooked!
What are your sources for inspiration?
mostly photos or the desire to create a gift for someone, sometimes a special product. Once I have the theme or piece in mind ideas for layout/design can come from anything including magazines, books, toys and clothes. Chocolate helps the whole process run smoothly...
How do you get started on projects (layouts, etc)?
haphazardly! usually the idea sits in my head for a while, then I look at materials I have at home, then I shop, shop some more.... then I muck around with all the bits. Sometimes it's fast, sometimes slow
What things do you like to communicate through your work?
I have a fairly strong sense of wanting to communicate SOMETHING effectively and clearly with each layout, whether it be a little moment, a strong thought or feeling or an experience, so I always have that in mind when putting a piece together
What have been your biggest achievements or greatest layouts or moments with this hobby?
greatest moments are seeing recipients or subjects of my work happy and the sense of satisfaction when I feel I have successfully transformed an idea into a layout. Greatest achievement is completing my entry for the FA team and being successful in joining.
What kind of goals do you have with your scrapbooking?
To enjoy the journey! i do hope to start submitting to magazines this year.
Where do you scrap? Do you attend crops or conventions?
I love the social side of scrapping but the work usually gets done at home where i have all my supplies handy and am able to occupy as much floor space as possible!
Where does scrapbooking fit into your life? Do you scrap in the morning, evening, late night? When do you do your greatest work?
It fits in to the nooks and crannies! my ideas book is in the kitchen. I find it hard to sleep if I scrap at night so I do avoid that as my days start early...
What does your family think of your scrapbooking?
they all love it
Do you have a favourite product line, paper, sticker, or cardstock colour?
My favourite things are my making memories tool kit and makiing memories in general but lately I cant resist basic grey and sonias ribbons!
Each Design Family Member was given this kit the week before christmas - this is what they were given

TAG TECHNIQUES -The gypsies are never in one place for long, but they enjoy the comforts of home as much as anyone. A vintage button and an old door knob from a favorite dresser become the foundation for this book of old shipping tags. Materials included: Small tag book, door knob,rubbings, elastic, key, 97% complete tag and printed paper.

- here is what Gab C has created with it

Gab C says "I called it an album of words or a dedication album to my hubby. I tried to keep it simple (and masculine) as that is his taste. The red tab tags on left of each
page are for personal journalling"

In addition to the kit:bazzil card, basic grey patterned paper, basic grey sticker letters, making memories rub on letters, red heart seal, ribbon, red tabs - collections, pebbles inc tags put over the metal tags, ink and paint.

Technique tips: to make the tags painted metal tags black, stuck the pebbles inc tags onto the metal ones, wrote on them then sealed with modpodge

for a further look at what Gab C and the other Design Family have done with the Seven Gypsies products check out the gallery - and all these and more products can be purchased via the online store. or visit us at


Anonymous said...

your work is inspirational because it is so creative.

Anonymous said...

we luv what u do u r an insperation to us all


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