Friday, May 24, 2013

Reclaimed timber crates

We released our Reclaimed Timber Crates at market ealier this month. We decided we needed some product branding, and love the look we have come up with.

This week we have fulfilled and delivered our first order of crates, we love how Belaroma Coffee Centre, have used them to display the produce from the kitchen.


We make two sizes in our crates, and they come either raw or painted white with our logo on one end. T order pop us an email.


Selma Janet said...

The crates look fantastic, Son, thinking one would be crate (great), for our potatoes & onions in our pantry. What are the dimensions please and cost? Selma J xx

Sonia said...

Large 485x250x245 $30
Small 485x250x160 $20


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