Friday, June 07, 2013

Reclaimed Timber finishes

It's a been a big week, with lots of reclaimed timber items being installed, delivered and ready for pick-up.

Belaroma Coffee Centre, had this Custom Built Unit built and installed by us - do check out our handwork and enjoy a coffee when your next in Manly Vale.

With the success of our fresh food crates in Belaroma Coffee Centre, they have requested us to make some smaller plate style crates for their fish and chips meal - we love how they look....I can't wait to go and have a serve of fish and chips in our crates....and I'll be sure to update the photo when I do!!

This Love Seat will be collected tomorrow and will be off to its new home as a lovely gift to some special family members - what a lovely gift for a property owner to receive. I have requested a photo when it is put into its new home to share with you all too.

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